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Education: What is it good for?

Universities across Alberta have experienced huge funding cuts over the last three years. Come fall, students will be paying for that with huge tuition increases (some as high as 104%). But these changes are bigger than just dollars and cents, they beg the question: What is the point of getting a post-secondary education?

Freelance journalist Oumar Salifou reports on the impacts seen in Alberta and host Jesse Brown interviews Alberta's minister of higher education.

Featured in this episode: Anita Cardinal, law student at the University of Alberta; Reginald Wiebe, assistant professor of English at Concordia University of Edmonton; Dave Lamont, a caretaker at the University of Calgary; Brenda Austin-Smith, president of the Canadian Association of University Teachers; Demetrios Nicolaides, Alberta's minister of higher education

Listen to the full podcast here.  | Aired June 27, 2022

Spotlight on William Kodjo Agama

William, a CUE sessional instructor in Economics, was recently honoured in his native country of Ghana. The chiefs and people of Some Traditional Area in the Ketu South Municipality selected William as the Torgbui Gbadago VI, Awadada (warlord) and leader of Domefiawo of Some. The ceremony included rites of passage in accordance with the chieftaincy customs and traditions.

Torgbui Gbadago (William) in his speech said his reign would see him run an open-door policy and provide servant-leadership to earn the support of sons and daughters of Some to be able to fight and win modern day economic and development battles. He called on all to shun petty quarrels but cultivate and demonstrate togetherness and adopt "we can do it spirit in a collaborative and partnership manner with all our stakeholders" to meet the amount of work that needed to be done to improve the socio-economic state of the traditional area. "Some is for all of us. No one person has financial and non-financial resources to undertake and execute various development projects. I believe that we all need to pool our resources together as a people first, and then and only then do we approach others for assistance. Others will help if they see efforts being made by the Someawo themselves."

Read the whole article here.   | Posted July 27, 2022 2.0

Our vision for the website is an information resource and a community portal. We also aim for to become an additional resource for all things CUE (in combination with CUE's web). Where resources on this site overlap other sites, we'll try, at least, to offer a fresh perspective.

We're developing a team of gatherers, compilers, contributors, and code-writers. It's an ongoing project—but here's what you will find on this portal now:

ABOUT: all sorts of information about CUEFA—people, history, bylaws, current issues.

ACTION: news and reports, media releases and reports, current issues, advocacy and activism.

COMMUNITY: connection points for students, faculty, sessionals, local community-at-large, and even the Admin and Board. We are now collecting faculty and sessional member profiles for the page. (Check that section out for the form to contribute your profile.) Lots more to come; plenty of room to grow.

REPORTS: reports from the CUEFA Representative on the Board of Governors, and reports from CUEFA's various teams, working groups, and committees.

BARGAINING: current and past Collective Agreements, plus the archive of everything related to bargaining/2021-2022 and the strike. Over the long-term, we see private virtual spaces for raising and discussing collective issues. And more.

CUE: the University's identity and history, governance, who's who, committees and contacts, as well as events, research info, and notices. In this section we focus on supplementing, complementing, and helping to spread information found on CUE's institutional website.

BLOGS: nothing to see yet, but we're gathering material, thinking about frameworks, and in the future will post a call for contributors.

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