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We continue to work towards greater equity and transparency at CUE among faculty/ASOs, sessional instructors, students, and administration and CUE's Board of Govenors. In recognition that we are all CUE, we believe in moving forward as a collaborative community. Only together can we truly carry out the mission and vision of Concordia University of Edmonton.

We are also a member of CAUT (Canadian Association of University Teachers), the national voice for academic staff, and as such, stand in solidarity with other faculty associations across Canada.

Concordia University of Edmonton Faculty Association votes no confidence in the University President Tim Loreman

Press Release: February 22

Faculty at Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE) voted that they have no confidence in the University's President. The Concordia University of Edmonton Faculty Association (CUEFA), the organization that represents full-time academic staff, held a confidence vote on February 11, 2022. 91% of CUEFA members registered to vote, 90% voted no confidence in the President's leadership.

CUEFA members cited four main areas of concern: a toxic workplace culture under President Loreman's leadership, the President's failure to effectively manage the core operations of the university, the financial mismanagement of the institution, and the damage done to relations between CUE and key stakeholders across Edmonton and Alberta.

CUEFA notified the Chair of CUE's Board of Governors, John Acheson, about the no confidence vote on February 14, requesting that the board give CUEFA a formal reply by February 22. As of the requested deadline, the Board has provided no response to CUEFA about the vote.

In early January 2022, CUEFA members participated in the first faculty association strike in Alberta's history, resulting in important gains for the faculty. However, the strike did not address ongoing problems of leadership.

For more information please contact Glynis Price, Acting President of CUEFA at


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