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Policy Grievance with respect to Advancement in Rank

August 20, 2023

Pursuant to section 25 of the Collective Agreement, CUEFA is providing you with a Grievance Notice. This Grievance is launched by CUEFA as a policy grievance in relation to two matters associated with the administration of Article 11 - Advancement in Rank.

  1. President Loreman denied Advancement in Rank to two CUEFA members in opposition to the recommendations of the Advancement in Rank Committee and maintained that there is no right to appeal in either case. These actions create a two-tiered system within the Advancement process, not allowing for fair process for applicants and bypassing the usual processes available to members applying for Advancement.
  2. The process for appealing a decision by the Advancement in Rank Committee this year was not correctly followed by the University - as no member from the same department may sit on an Advancement committee or make a decision on a colleague from their home department. This not only goes for the AIRC but the same rules apply for the ad hoc appeal committee put together by the GFC (Article 11.12.2(a)). This was not followed in at least one appeal this year.

Response from Board of Governors re: expressed concerns

May 24 2023

We resent our letter on May 4 asking that our letter be distributed to the entire Board, as previously the Board Chair, John Acheson, had not distributed it to the Board members. A response was received after the May 19 Board meeting again denying our request to meet. The letter further stated that the Board did not consider the concerns we brought forward (see Concerns Bulletins link on the side) to be a Board responsibility and that the Board now "considers the matter closed". No mention was made of the recent membership No-Confidence Vote in the President and the Board Chair.

The letter, signed by the Board Chair, John Acheson, stated:
"It is the decision of the Board that it will not meet with the CUEFA to consider the expressed concerns of the CUEFA. It is the Board’s view that the Collective Agreement includes a full opportunity to address grievances and that the grievance procedures contained therein must be followed. Further, the Board takes the position that the organizational structure that is in place to administer CUE is sound and that matters such as communicated to the Board by the CUEFA are to be addressed by the Administration and not by the Board. To this end the CUEFA is encouraged to express their concerns directly with the President as the Board will not give them further attention. Further, and to reiterate, the Board is of the view that the issues contained in the several communications over the past weeks between the Board and CUEFA are not governance issues but administrative issues; given this the Board considers that the matter is now closed."

Please read the official response from the Board here.

CUEFA Members Vote NO-CONFIDENCE in President & Board Chair

May 3, 2023

The results of a faculty no-confidence vote held on May 3, 2023 have been confirmed by two non-Executive committee CUEFA members acting as returning officers.

Details of the results are as follows:

  • A total of 62 members (74%) voted (with a handful selecting to abstain from each vote). Given the time of year, and the number of faculty on leave, is represents a high voter turnout.
  • On Question 1: Do you have confidence in President Loreman’s ability to fulfill his duties and responsibilities to lead the university?
    50 voted no (89.3%)
    6 voted yes (10.7%)
  • On Question 2: Given the description of the role of Board Chair provided above, do you have confidence that Board Chair Dr. John Acheson is fulfilling his role and responsibilities as outlined in the CUE Board of Governors bylaws?
    47 voted no (90.4%)
    5 voted yes (9.6%)

These results repeat and extend the 90% no-confidence vote in President Loreman held by CUEFA in February 2022.

Response from Board of Governors re: March 24 request for meeting

March 28 2023

An official communication from the Board Chair, John Acheson, was received denying our request for a meeting.

The letter stated:
"Thank you for your communication of March 24, 2023 in which you requested that a “special” meeting between the CUEFA and the Board of Governors (or at least ten members of the Board) be convened to discuss “concerns” with the Board. I have considered your request and have determined that I will not call such a meeting.
Thank you for your communication.

The letter was signed by the Board Chair, John Acheson.

Please read the official response from the Board here.

CUEFA requests special meeting with Board of Governors

March 24 202

On March 24, 2023 CUEFA, afer consulting with the membership, sent a letter to the Board of Governors (BOG) of Concordia University of Edmonton to requesting a special all-faculty meeting with the BOG to discuss serious problem endangering the short- and long-term future of the University. We requested the the attendance of at least 10 Board members at the meeting, and that the President and other senior CUE administrators not attend.

We indictaed that at the meeting we would like to discuss the following concerns with the Board:

  • How financial decisions are damaging student services and the basic academic programing of the university, jeopardizing the ability of programs to maintain minimum standards for accreditation;
  • How Concordia has become a dysfunctional workplace characterized by disengaged and anxious staff, students and faculty;
  • How the reputation of the university is at risk of being severely damaged to the point that the viability of the university is in doubt.

We requested the Board’s acknowledgment of receipt of this notice from CUEFA no later than March 27 4:00 p.m. 2023, and a formal response from the Board Chair to Glynis Price, President of CUEFA, no later than 4:00 p.m. on March 31, 2023.

Please read the official full letter here that was sent.

CUEFA files Unfair Labour Practice complaint

July 18 2022

On July 18, 2022 CUEFA made an application to the Alberta Labour Relations Board under Section 16 of the Labour Relations Code.

Our complaint refers to violations of Sections 148.1.a.i, 148.1.a.ii,, 149.1.a.vii, 149.1.a.viii, 149.1.g.ii, and 149.1.c. of the Code and states that the Employer is interfering with the administration of the Union (CUEFA) and using coercion, discriminiation and threats to send a message to intimidate Union members. Our decision to file this complaint is drive by, and focuses, on a pattern of behaviour by the Administration towards CUEFA since the strike in January.

Please read the official notice here.

Concordia University of Edmonton Faculty Association votes no confidence in the University President Tim Loreman

Press Release: February 22

Faculty at Concordia University of Edmonton (CUE) voted that they have no confidence in the University's President. The Concordia University of Edmonton Faculty Association (CUEFA), the organization that represents full-time academic staff, held a confidence vote on February 11, 2022. 91% of CUEFA members registered to vote, 90% voted no confidence in the President's leadership.

CUEFA members cited four main areas of concern: a toxic workplace culture under President Loreman's leadership, the President's failure to effectively manage the core operations of the university, the financial mismanagement of the institution, and the damage done to relations between CUE and key stakeholders across Edmonton and Alberta.

CUEFA notified the Chair of CUE's Board of Governors, John Acheson, about the no confidence vote on February 14, requesting that the board give CUEFA a formal reply by February 22. As of the requested deadline, the Board has provided no response to CUEFA about the vote.

In early January 2022, CUEFA members participated in the first faculty association strike in Alberta's history, resulting in important gains for the faculty. However, the strike did not address ongoing problems of leadership.

For more information please contact Glynis Price, Acting President of CUEFA at


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