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Of concern: Update to the nomination process for academic and non-academic staff board members

CUE Faculty and the CUE Community received an email from the Board of Governors on June 15 stating the following:

Dear CUE community,

At the May 20 public meeting, the Board of Governors approved a decision to update the nomination process for new academic and non-academic staff board members. CUE employees add tremendous value to the board and these changes reflect our goal for the recruitment process to be inclusive, consistent, and transparent.

In the past, academic staff board members were required to be nominated either by CUEFA or the GFC; non-academic staff board members needed to be nominated by another non-academic staff member.

Going forward, any employee can be nominated to serve on the board by any of their colleagues, by groups such as GFC or CUEFA, or, they can self nominate. The total number of employees on the board — two academic staff members and one non-academic staff member — will not change. Please see the updated Board of Governors Bylaws for more details.

The selection process for employee board members will now be consistent with the process used for the selection of all public board members. The board plays a critical role in ensuring the institution’s long-term independence, success, viability, and welfare, and we are committed to selecting a skilled, diverse group of individuals who are committed to advancing CUE’s mission and vision. Learn more about the selection process for CUE’s Board of Governors.

The two academic staff board positions are currently vacant and we welcome anyone who is interested to apply as soon as possible. For more information on the application process, please review the form or contact University Secretary, Judy Kruse.

I encourage you to learn more about CUE’s Board of Governors and our oversight of the institution we all care deeply for. Regular Board meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend and minutes, once approved, are posted on the CUE website.

Thank you for all you do for our students and for CUE. I wish you a wonderful summer.

John Acheson, PhD.
Chair, Concordia University of Edmonton Board of Governors


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