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August 20, 2023

Guidelines for Class Material | Policy Grievance regarding Advancement in Rank


Guidelines for Class Materials: Class notes/lecture materials and plagiarism

As a result of decisions by CUE's Labour Relations Representative and the VPA concerning what constitutes "plagiarism" and "academic misconduct", CUEFA is recommending the follow guidelines for faculty and ASOs:

  • Do not post your classroom lectures/notes on Moodle nor share your classroom lectures with students unless all statements in those classroom lectures/notes are properly cited. CUEFA recommends that faculty and ASO only share or post brief outlines of classroom lectures/notes.
  • If you are using PowerPoint (or similar) slides for your in-class or online lecture, include the following on relevant slides:
    1. quotation marks around every direct quotation and a citation for every direct quotation;
    2. a detailed bibliography/reference list of all sources used in the lecture at the end of every slide deck. Be sure that your students see those citations and bibliographies/reference lists during lecture.
  • When using any sources, including open access sources and textbooks, in your lectures, assignments, tests, and exams, always provide a citation for the source.
  • Always cite any photos, diagrams, charts etc. used in your lectures, assignments, tests, and exams.
  • If you are using test questions or assignments from a test bank, textbook, open-access source, or any other source, always cite the source of the questions or assignments.


Policy Grievance with respect to Advancement in Rank

Pursuant to section 25 of the Collective Agreement, CUEFA is providing you with a Grievance Notice. This Grievance is launched by CUEFA as a policy grievance in relation to two matters associated with the administration of Article 11 - Advancement in Rank.

  1. President Loreman denied Advancement in Rank to two CUEFA members in opposition to the recommendations of the Advancement in Rank Committee and maintained that there is no right to appeal in either case. These actions create a two-tiered system within the Advancement process, not allowing for fair process for applicants and bypassing the usual processes available to members applying for Advancement.
  2. The process for appealing a decision by the Advancement in Rank Committee this year was not correctly followed by the University - as no member from the same department may sit on an Advancement committee or make a decision on a colleague from their home department. This not only goes for the AIRC but the same rules apply for the ad hoc appeal committee put together by the GFC (Article 11.12.2(a)). This was not followed in at least one appeal this year.

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