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Messsage from CUEFA President, Glynis Price: "Personally I want to thank you all for your continued trust in my abilities to lead CUEFA into the future. There are many plans and thoughts for improving Concordia and I look forward to working with this wonderful new team and with all of you to get there. Take care and as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me."

PresidentGlynis Price
Vice PresidentShared between Victoria Eke and Linda Van Netten Blimke
TreasurerSvenja Huntemann
SecretaryJenna Innes
Grievance OfficerColin Neufeldt
Bargaining OfficerTolly Bradford
Internal Engagement OfficerGlenda Stirling
External Engagement OfficerHolli-Anne Passmore
Academic Service Officer Issues OfficerVictoria Eke
*Representative to the Board of GovernorsTBA
*This position will not be immediately taken up due to concerns with the treatment of our representative by the Board - we wish to send our representative into a respectful and safe atmosphere. We will be working on a plan to move forward).

Thank you to the outgoing Executive Committee

We all wish to reiterate our immense thanks to our outgoing Executive Committee members for their service over the last 3 years:

  • Deborah Hemmerling
  • Dale Lindskog
  • Reginald Wiebe
  • Bryan Rooney
  • Xin Chen
  • Owen Scadeng
  • Mai Hussein
  • Alison Kulak (ex officio)

A huge thanks as well to both Tolly Bradford and John Washington for their service to the Faculty as the CUEFA and the GFC representatives, respectively, to the Board of Governors.

The proposed changes to the Bylaws were passed at our recent AGM allowing us to build a new Executive with more defined roles. Thank you to our returning officers Novlet Plunkett and Matthew Churchward for counting our ballots.

We welcome our new Executive Committee who started July 1.


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