CUEFA : 2022 Faculty Strike Archive


In January, 2022 CUEFA made history by being the first faculty association in Alberta to strike for equitable salaries, job security, intellectual property rights, among a number of other issues. The 11-day strike began on January 4th and ended on January 14th. During this time, our CUEFA site focused almost exclusively on strike-related issues, updates, and media coverage. We have retained all this information as it marks an important part of our collective history, particularly given the current climate in education with several post-secondary institutions currently either on strike, in mediation, or engaged in bargaining for their respective rights and fair collective agreements.



We are in the process of archiving the pages from our 2022 Strike website. These will be available to link to in the next few weeks.


  • Strike Info
    In this section we posted: regular updates on the bargaining process, media coverage of the strike, CUEFA media release, and photos documenting "Life on the picket line". All of these will be accessible in our archive.
  • Support
    We were overwhelmed by the support we received for our position. Students Supporting CUEFA stood in solidarity with us; nearly 500 students signed a petition in support of CUEFA's position. Comments from these students are listed in this section. Hundreds of letters of support (over 1400) from local community members, as well as faculty associations and other unions across the country, poured in. A sample of these letters are posted in this section, along with a list of the many organizations who stood in solidarity with us, many of whom were on picket line with us despite the cold temmparatures. All of this will be accessible in our archive.
  • Messages
    In order to stay in communication with our students and sessional colleagues, we started an Email List that people could sign up to in order to receive regular updates from us. We sent daily updates from January 7th to January 17th; we then posted each message to our site. All of these will be accessible in our archive. (That list is still going strong if you would like to sign up. We are now sending monthly updates.)


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